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Nexmow FAQs

Please contact your local Nexmow Authorized Dealer for service and support. If we do not have a local service dealer near you, please contact us for support.

URSROBOT, Inc. USA Support

  • English Customer and Technical Support
    866-639-6691 and Select Option 3
  • Spanish Customer and Technical Support
    866-639-6691 and Select Option 4
  • If we are not available please leave a voicemail message and will call back within 24 hours.

Support Operation Hours
Monday-Friday 7am-6pm PST 
Sat-Sun: By Request

Click here to download the Remote Controller Operation Manual (PDF)

If a Nexmow M1 does not pair to the remote controller successfully, you can reset the connection using the following steps:
  1. Press the red STOP button on the M1
  2. A red LED will appear on the M1
  3. Press the red STOP button on the M1 again
  4. Confirm that the joystick is connected to the M1 successfully

Assemble the Nexmow charging kit, follow the instructions below

  1. Connect the power adapter and charging dock together, then plug into a 110-volt outlet. It is recommended to have a minimum of 12 amps on the service-line for optimal charging speed.

  2. Plug-in the Nexmow battery (778 watts) to charge. It will take about 3 hours to achieve a full charge on the battery.

Instructions to Replace Cutting Blades

Tools & Parts Required:

  • 1x New Blade Kit (includes 5 blades and replacement screws)
  • 1x Phillips head screwdriver


  1. Remove the screw that holds the blade using the screwdriver
  2. Install a new small washer onto the new screw
  3. Install new blade
  4. Install screw with small washer (hand-tight)

How to Replace the Protection Disk & Cutting Deck

To change the protection disk & cutting deck, follow the instructions below.

Tools & Parts Required:

  • 1x Protection Disk
  • 1x New Cutting Deck
  • 1x Phillips head screwdriver
  • 1x 13mm socket wrench with PH-3 socket bit
  • 1x Locktite 242


  1. Remove 4 screws that connect to the Black Hub.
  2. Remove the Protection Disk.
  3. Remove the M6 screw (a special head is required: PH-3 socket bit).
  4. Remove the bearing spacer.
  5. Remove 4 screws that are connected to the bearing housing.
  6. Remove the bearing seat.
  7. Remove 13mm nylon nut.
  8. Remove the Cutting Deck.
  9. Install New Cutting Deck.
  10. Install 13mm nylon nut (hand tight).
  11. Install bearing seat.
  12. Install 4 new screws (Apply Locktite 242 on screws beforehand)
  13. Install bearing spacer.
  14. Install M6 screw (a special head is required: PH-3 socket bit)
  15. Install Protection Disk
  16. Install Black Hub.
  17. Install 4 new screws onto the Black Hub (Locktite 242 is pre-installed on new screws).


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