NEXMOW Accessories


NEXMOW SmartPhone App

The NEXMOW robot mower and Virtual Marker are controlled by our iPhone and Android NEXMOW app. Mapping, mowing operation, productivity reports, operator alerts are all controlled via the app.


NEXMOW Virtual Marker

Now you can Map and Mow. The NEXMOW Virtual Marker connects to the cloud and efficiently helps you create the perimeter of your mowing area and also stay-out areas. Use the Virtual Marker to map various domains and gather data to quickly provide customers a job quote put the NEXMOW drop, mow & go benefits to work for you.


NEXMOW Replacement Lithium-ion Battery

The swappable NEXMOW lithium-ion battery provides 4-6 hours of runtime depending upon grass type and length. If you have a secure property domain you should consider running the mower 12 hours a day for maximum productivity. Get a full charge in 3 hours, and up to an approximate 2-year lifespan. URS ROBOT provides a 2-year warranty.

Additional battery charing docks, battery transformers and charging cords are also available and can be purchased separately.

NEXMOW Replacement Blade Kit

The NEXMOW blade kit includes 5 stainless steel replacement blade, and the mounting screws and washers. We recommend replacing them every 2-3 months depending upon the type of grass and hours mowed per month. Replacement is easy with a Phillips screwdriver.