NEXMOW delivers optimal productivity in these domains

Corporate Campus

The NEXMOW checks all the boxes for delivering the most advance landscape solution on a business and corporate campus. The NEXMOW is robotic, ultra-quiet, zero-emission and unobtrusive. Because it operates using 4G LTE and RTK cellular technologies, there are no issues connecting to a private WIFI network. The NEXMOW doesn’t require a signal beacon for navigation, or an electrical source for a charging station. Our digital boundary allows the mapping of lawns across sidewalks and pathways, so a fleet of NEXMOW mowers can be deployed to operate from lawn to lawn.


Schools and Municipalities

The Nexmow M1 is an ideal robot solution for schools and municipalities under pressure from increasing operational costs due to rising labor, fuel price, and equipment maintenance. Robot safety is a the number one priority when deploying lawn mowing automation in public spaces. Adding an “eCrew” of NEXMOW robots will allow the redeployment of labor from mowing grass to more critical projects.

Learn why Ruben Flores from Mt. San Antonio College deployed Nexmow robots on their community college campus and his first impressions.

Sports Fields & Around Golf Courses

The NEXMOW M1S is ideal for mowing sports fields and around golf courses (driving range and rough) lawns. The low-cut 0.75″-3.5″ adjustable mowing range delivers a high-performance result. There is no need to install wires and charging stations. Your operators only need to create geofencing digital boundary maps, then drop and mow with a NEXMOW eCrew of robot mowers. The NEXMOW delivers a clean cut every time and if the sports field has a secure fenced-in location you can even get the job done at night as well as non-usage hours.

Your eCrew Awaits You