The NEXMOW robot lawn mower is designed, developed and manufactured by URSROBOT, Inc. in Taiwan. URSROBOT’s co-founders also served as executive leadership in high-tech products/solutions for Apple, Google, Amazon and other global companies.

Our 3-year old company collaborated with some of the leading outdoor power equipment retailers and some of the top-10 professional landscapes in the US to gather product feedback during the product development phase. OPE retailers provided input on the design of the dealer sales programs with the goal of creating a new business opportunity for dealers. 

Commercial service robot mowers must have the capability to integrate into the workflow of a professional landscaper.

Key attributes for commercial robot mowers: 

  • Flexibility to deploy robot mowers from site-to-site with swappable battery and no charging station or wires to install.
  • Capability to each mower to mow more than 1.5 acres a day.
  • Ability to deploy multiple mowers to increase mowing productivity.
  • Pattern mowing for productivity.
  • Simple operation using a smartphone app.
  • Swappable battery and no charging station or wires to install.
  • Safety features allowing it to operate in public spaces.
  • Robust Anti-theft security features.

Key attributes for homeowner robot mowers: 

  • Robot mower will automatically mow via programmed mowing schedule.
  • Capability to mow 0.5-1.25 acres per day.
  • Pattern or random mowing operation.
  • Easy to program smartphone app to program and schedule mower.
  • Charging station and wire installation to make the operation automated after installation.
  • Safety features allowing it to operate around children and animals.
  • Anti-theft security features.

The NEXMOW service robot is designed to operate on a precise GPS navigation signal 2 centimeters from the boundary point. NEXMOW’s advanced INOS (Intelligent Navigation Operating System) uses 4G and RTK Technologies to map and operate the service robots. RTK Technology has been used extensively to deploy automated farm equipment in the agriculture industry. After a library of maps are created and saved, the operator can deploy up to 10 NEXMOW mowers with precise navigation in one mowing zone.

The NEXMOW has four Ultrasonic sensors that detect objects, pause the mower during operation, and triggers a voice-alert warning. If a Bumper and Lift Sensors are triggered, the mower will immediately stop the cutting blades. Protective barrier fingers surround the cutting deck to prevent tree and shrub branches from touching the cutting blades, and a deflector shield protects the mowing blades underneath the mowing deck.

The NEXMOW can climb and mow on a maximum slope of 25% degrees. We recommend operating the mower in “slope” mode for maximum traction on steep terrain.

The NEXMOW robot lawn mower has built-in antitheft features using 4G and RTK Technology. If somebody attempts to steal the commercial robot lawn mower, a lift sensor will trigger a loud alarm. A text message alert is immediately sent to the operator’s NEXMOW app on a smartphone. GPS tracking from the NEXMOW smartphone app allows the tracking of the mower for one hour. 

The NEXMOW operates within a digital boundary perimeter and mapping across sidewalks and hardscape are much easier than manually laying a boundary wire across lawns. The only requirement is to ensure the lawn and sidewalk are on the same horizontal level. 

The NEXMOW digital boundary wire can be mapped using the NEXMOW mower, or with the NEXMOW Virtual Marker. The first step is to map the perimeter boundary, then the operator can map “keep-out no mow zones.” The No-Mow zones can be added and removed anytime. For example, if a broken irrigation pipe created a need to stop mowing a specific area inside the lawn; create a no-mow zone then remove it after the lawn is repaired. After geofence boundary maps are created and saved in a private library of maps in the cloud, the operator can Drop, Mow and Go from site-to-site.

The NEXMOW 25.4-volt lithium-ion battery has a 778 watt-hour battery, and will complete a full-charge within 3-hours from a completely depleted battery. It will delivery approximately 500 cycle charges, and includes a 2-Year Warranty.

The NEXMOW is simple to maintain and needs blade replacement every 2-3 months depending upon the number of hours mowed each month, and the type of grass cut. Wheels and tires will wear-out and probably need replacement every 16-24 months depending upon the number of hours mowed each month.