Disrupt or be Disrupted

Our NEXMOW Service Robot solution is going to help the commercial landscape industry close the growing labor shortage gap, and reduce rising labor costs.

All Landscape Companies, Schools and Cities Will Rely on Lawn Mowing Automation in the Future

Every business faces labor shortage challenges, increasing operating costs, and challenges to grow and scale labor resources. The only question, is how many autonomous solutions will be integrated into individual businesses.

Technology Innovations from the Agriculture Industry Will Create the Connected Landscape 

Robot lawn mowing solutions like the NEXMOW service robot will become a key value-add solution in the new “Connected Landscape” eco-system. Our NEXMOW lawn robot use advance RTK technology to map and operate a fleet of robots similar to deployment in the agriculture industry.

We are passionate about bringing new innovations to the landscape industry and hope you will join us on the journey into the future. Give us a call.


NEXMOW Service Robots will:

  • Increase the value of your landscape teams’ work by redeploying the grass mowing labor to an eCrew of robots.
  • Reduce your rising labor and operating costs by using service robots.
  • Close your labor shortage gaps with service robots that are never late or sick to work.
  • Increase your teams’ productivity using recaptured labor not spent mowing grass.
  • Improve scheduling efficiencies by using the mowing time data to create more effective work schedules.
  • Reduce gas emissions and reduce noise-levels by operating an eCrew of zero-emission service robots.



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