Leave the Mowing to Nexmow

Welcome to the Future of Landscaping with Nexmow. Learn how professional landscape companies, schools, cities, and sports parks are operating fleets of Nexmow robots to redeploy mowing labor to more valuable tasks. Schedule a webinar with one of our Nexmow experts to learn more.


Wireless Mapping & Navigation

Nexmow is the first autonomous mower to operate on 4G Cellular and a national RTK Network. There are no wires to bury and no charging station.

Stripe & Diamond Cut Pattern Mowing

Nexmow mowers use AI (artificial intelligence) to navigate and cut stripes into the lawn. Operators can also override the AI and change mow direction.


Drop, Mow & Go with an eCrew Fleet of Nexmows 

Your library of property maps are stored in the Nexmow Cloud Service. Drop between 1-10 robots to mow from site-to-site. Deploy mowers from California to New York on the same account.

Easy to Map and Mow

Nexmow is easy to operate with the iPhone or Android app, and all your mowing data is stored in the cloud. Scheduling your mow crew will get easier with exact mowing time data per site with Nexmow.