URSRobot Launches Nexmow “How to Support Videos” in English and Spanish

URSRobot is the first outdoor power equipment supplier to create a series of “How-To” map and mow with Nexmow wireless robot mowers in both English and Spanish. The short informative tutorial videos are designed to teach Nexmow operators how easy it is to digitally map and mow with Nexmow robot mowers. In this week’s video, you will learn how to effortlessly create a digital boundary map using the Nexmow Virtual Marker. By simply connecting the Virtual Marker to the Nexmow 4G/RTK Network, the landscaper can walk the Nexmow Virtual Marker around a property to create a digital map. The map is then stored in the Nexmow cloud and any landscape team member has access to the maps to drop and mow with Nexmow robots. Nexmow robots are not tied to any one domain; instead a fleet (or as we call it, an eCrew of robot mowers can be deployed anywhere using the same account. Additionally, the Nexmow system allows a user to create up to 20 keep-out zones for areas that do not need to be mowed or to prevent the mower from going in an area it shouldn’t. These How-To videos are available in English and Spanish on the URSRobot Support YouTube Channel. #robotlawnmower #zeroemissions #nexmow

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