URSROBOT Partners with Robin Autopilot to Offer Wire-Free NEXMOW robot mowers


URSROBOT partners with Robin Autopilot to offer a wire-free robot lawn mower solution

URSrobot, a commercial service robot development company is partnering with Mowbot/Robin Autopilot, a leader in robotic mowing technology and robots-as-a-service (RaaS) throughout the United States.

Mowbot/Robin Autopilot will be the exclusive US Solutions Distributor of the NEXMOW wire-free robotic lawnmower developed by URSROBOT.

The NEXMOW wire-free robot lawn mower operates using 4G and RTK Technologies  that allows landscapers to Drop, Mow and Go from site-to-site. Landscapers create a digital boundary wire with the NEXMOW robot mower or the NEXMOW Virtual Marker. Geofence digital maps are then saved into a private library in the cloud. The NEXMOW has a swappable lithium-ion battery to eliminate the need for a charging station and burying boundary wires. Mowing productivity is achieved by deploying 1-10 robot lawn mowers in one mowing zone. This allows landscapers, schools and cities to redeploy lawn mowing labor to more valuable tasks.

The new partnership expands Mowbot/Robin Autopilot’s multi-manufacturer platform, which includes RaaS hardware and software, proprietary products such as robotic doors, and total-solution financing, marketing, training and other support so that landscape service providers have everything they need to run an effective RaaS business. Both URSrobot and Mowbot/Robin Autopilot share a solutions-based approach dedicated to serving people’s needs through disruptive technology.

About Mowbot/Robin Autopilot

Mowbot/Robin Autopilot’s mission is to make lawn care eco-friendly and reliable while improving the health and appearance of commercial and consumer lawns using the power of autonomous lawnmowers. Through a subscription-based platform, member companies receive everything they need to run a robots-as-a-service (RaaS) business, including proprietary products (software, operating manual, robotic door for homes with fences, and more), as well as non-proprietary products (marketing program, training and support, and financing for robots and doors).

About NEXMOW/URSrobot

URSrobot is a creative company concentrating on the development of service robots. Its team is passionate about creating a world living with “smart” gadgets and providing impressive experiences in using service robots, with a total-solution approach combining products and services. NEXMOW is a team of builders, thinkers and tinkerers who love robots that make life easier. Its leadership team has decades of experience in both commercial landscaping and autonomous robotics, and is united with a simple goal: to make lawn maintenance smarter.

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